A Monday surprise


Foggy and cold, what´s left of the beautiful snow is getting brown and watery, I´m responding emails and having a meeting with my accountant… It´s MONDAY and I´m already longing for Friday.

But then a single call from UPS changed my mood…

A whole box full of beautiful stuff from my favorite American brandcheered me up, amazing what some new and stylish clothes could do with my Monday mood! 

Yes, I know it´s all very black and dark now that spring is getting closer and everybody need some color, cant help it… Thank God that Rawfood house exists and serves me raw colorful lunch!

So I picked up the kids at school in white skin tights, a grey cashmere sweater with leather applications, and with Loeffler Randall on my feet my Monday felt a little better, a bit more colorful!

Pretty superficial I know….


Something new

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