Almost in Japan

Some of my funniest and most crazy modelling memories is from Japan. I went to Tokyo several times and when I think back on all the weird situations I experienced there it makes me laugh! 

We didn´t go to japan this weekend but almost…  hot baths, futons, sushi, zenmeditation and a lot of sake!

We had a super relaxing weekend at Yasuragi in Stockholm. We overslept the breakfast both mornings, woke up at 11 o´clock.. I think it was 7 years ago last sleeping in!!!

I love the concrete walls that dominates the whole structure.

If you don’t have the luck to have these kind of walls at home have a look at the blog Voges Paristhere is a great giveaway of the concrete wallpaper from Piet boon.


And the best of all is, it´s just an hours flight from Malmö and no jet lag;)

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