Almost ready?

This August me and my family started to look for a house in Malmo. We were seriously interested in two houses, one top renovated villa from 1920 and one from 1909 in desperately need of renovation. And since just packing up all our belongings and change life with three small kids isn’t hard enough, we choose the house in serious need of some love and attention! So here we are, just started the long journey towards our dream house!

I think we have to rethink our very optimistic time plan… Ready to move in this summer?

Just started to digg out the basement, good bless our digger..

Moisture in the walls?

Today we found this old rusty tank up in the attic. My workers wanted to cut it into pieces but i saved it… think it would make a pretty amazing table or bath?

Guess what, when we started  to steam down the old wallpapers we found the original wall paintings from 1909, I jumped high of joy!!!

The best part of this project is that the house only had 2 very conservative owners in the past 102 years, all the original details are left for us renovate and preserve!
Now the little one is crying better go and put her back in bed. Tomorow off to Copenhagen for some kitchen and bathroom inspiration!

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