Better than Nutella!

Whats more tasty than a Chocolate Pancake breakfast…. and who said it can’t be a healthy one?

My pancakes are made with buckwheat and almond flower instead of wheat. I threw down some dried nettles in the batter as well, to boost up on iron!

And you do the most delicious raw chocolate mousse in 2 seconds. All you need is;

1 Avocado

half banana

the juice of one orange

 2 teaspoons of raw cacao

some agave sirup

and last but not least 1 spoon of extra virgin coconut oil to give it that little extra;)

Through it all together in a mixer… brrrrrrr et voila, mousse au chocolate!

The kids loves to spread it on pancakes. If you ask me, I´ll have it with some fresh strawberries, mmmmm, heaven!

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