12 days left


The weeks just swishes by and now it 12 days left for the BIG day, project move in!!!!

Its just that nothing goes the way I want  right now (one of those weeks), things getting super delayed, the "to do lists" are getting longer and longer and of course the stomachflue and three vomiting kids at home did not help!!!!

New made doors that doesn't´t close and by the way the windows were supposed to have mullions, the "no no list" can get looooooong….


Good thing to do is go back in time and have a look how it was in the house a couple of months ago, then you realize how much we actually did, check it out HERE! 

I'm trying to come up with a second plan if we wont make it for the 28th….

Now Friday chill, and tomorrow is another day!

 Have a good weekend everyone;)

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