24 hours in Varberg part 2


Apart from relaxing at the spa and eating good food we got to know some local businesses in Varberg and one of them was L:A Bruket. I was familiar with their products from before, but what´s to say, if you haven´t tried, DO IT!!!!

We even had the honored to be the first ones to see their brand new showroom/butik and it was very, very nice, loved the colors and the materials. Got so inspired when I saw the copper mixer, nice that the water leading is coming from the ceeling! If you haven´t seen my copper mixer and towel heater check here!

I was just waiting for L:A Bruket to come out with a series for face care and now they are coming, but you have to wait a couple of months before it will be out in shops!

It´s a 4 step program with a cleanser, a hydrating water, a boosting serum and a moisturizer, will be the perfect Christmas gift;)

Tanten tries the marygold salt scrub! 

And to meet the duo behind the success was great!

Here is the dally catch of seaweed that has been traditionally fished by hand in the waters outside Varberg! The seaweed is sold together withe sea salt and is suppose to help with the blood circulation, soften stiff muscles, ease ache and so on…  Of course I got a box, have to try but more about that another day!

Now loading for Friday!!!!!!



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