I know some of you wont agree, but I can´t help it….. I just love the autumn!!! To cuddle up with tea and blankets in front of a fire, long dinners with friends, lazy afternoons reading a good book…. We had one of those cozy autumn weekends at home, and it was just lovely!

Just the feeling of having time to take care of all my apples and I have done everything I could think of…. juice, chips, cream, sauce, pie and muffins, but now it seems to be stop in my head! Any suggestions??

I had a garage sale yesterday and got rid of allot of things we don´t use any longer. The left overs I drove over to Myrorna this morning so now instead of old junk I have a little wine seller in our basement! This old Champagne "pupitre" I got at my favorite store in Copenhagen!

Slowly, slowly my husband is filling it up, so if it´s bad weather even next weekend I won´t care….

Hope you all have a nice Monday;)


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