Better late than never…



The 17th of December my third child turns three years old, crazy, it feels like yesterday….

I have so many beautiful pictures taken with the kids and my first boy have two beautiful albums with 100 of pictures and all the information you can imagine!! When he ate, how much and what he ate….

The second have a small scrapbook from Designtorget, with few pictures glued in.

And my third doesn't have any book at all!!! I have loads of pictures of her, some in a old computer some on a harddisk in the basement and some where lost in the old phone…. She is reading here brothers books and asking where she was!!!

So yesterday I started…. I recovered all the old photos of when she was a baby and started to do a real glossy photo booksat up half night and this morning I finished it!! It´s really easy and fun, some of the pictures I haven´t seen for years, it sure brings back old memories…

I´m planning to give it on her birthday and its a really nice gift for Christmas as well, just a little tips!

Photo 1,2,3 Alessandra Santarelli, photo 4, Oskar Christophersen


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