I´m so lucky to have Sweden´s best rawfood chef as my sister, yesterday we had lunch together at Rawfood House and after my green seaweed-sallad she gave me the best dessert ever; Organic Swedish strawberries with a raw cashew/coconutbutter- cream, almost like icecream but better!

Of course I had to try it for my little ones today for snacks after their tennistraining…. 

And they liked it just as much as I did;) Best thing is that it takes less then 5 min to prepare.

2 dl of Cashew nuts
4 table spoons of Coco butter
some honey
i dl of Almond or oatmilk
Put it all in the blender then into the fridge or freezer for 10 minuets

voila, you have the most lovely cream ever!




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