Somehow I have to recover from last weeks crazy party and lack of sleep during our Rome weekend. So this week I do allot of Yoga, drink liters of coconut water and I visit Astrid och Aporna. A great inspiring store and the best spot to find all the super food I cant find at ICA, and SUPER FOOD is what i need!!!!

*Got some Mung-beans Fettuccine, perfect for all my spaghetti lovers at home!

*I make curcuma tea for my stiff muscles, loads of antioxidants.

*I throwed out the Nutella and the kids were more than happy this morning with the new pecan-nut spread!

*Some pink fruity treats for the kids (and me)

 Trying a new detox infusion from Dr, Stuart, it taste ok and I love the packaging!!! 

Out with the old and in with the new!! Now, one more cup and then I pack my bag for tomorrow, I'm going to meet up with some very inspiring women! More about that tomorrow, sleep tight. 

By the way my figtree is also in need of a detox, it seems to have sticky spiderwebb all over it and the leaves are falling one after the other. Anyone knows what to do??


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