Favorite place


My and birdies favorite place…. This is where I lay all day long eating dark chocolate pralines and look in artbooks….

Yeah, right…… maybe in next life

Wanted to show you a new beauty in my pillow collection…. Even this one from the great webshop Lou & Friends, a good way to add some Marrakech vibe to you home just a click away….

Check out the kilim-boots, I got a pair very similar at the souk, on my last trip to Marrakech, and I´m wearing them all the time;) 

These little beauties from Start-rite (inherited three times) used to be Cleo´s favorite shoes, now they don't fit any of my kids…. Time flies and I don´t have babies anymore.

But I refuse to put the gray fancy ones away, all my three kids have learnt to walk in them so they got a very special place….



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