Fix and cleaning day



I love to keep order around me, I always try to tidy up around my home, I guess I have such a mess up in my head so I need to keep things nice and neat at home. But one thing I don´t put much effort in is cleaning and dusting…. Since I'm getting nice visit tomorrow from no less than Elle, I kind of felt I have to dust of the worst layer. I bought myself a Hay duster and It´s never been more fun cleaning;)


This morning I finally got up a little lamp in our living room, got a brass pendent with a Diamond lights, wanted something simple but with nice reflections…

E voilá!

And after the Magnolia comes the apple blooms….. Seems like it has stopped raining, it´s a different light now, think I will take a ride with the bicycles with this little lovely gang. Few things are as nice as smell of warm asphalt going fast fast on the bike along the sea.  

Have a lovely Sunday!!!!


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