Genius solution



Milo finally got to celebrate his 5 year birthday yesterday with his friends, 6 months later but better late than never;) It was a super party, we had it at The Little Gym and the kids just loved it, a lot of jumping and running around!! 

The thing with these birthdays is all the gifts… 20 kids in the class and 20 gifts!!!!!!!

A thing we always did in Rome that I quite liked was that all the parents in the class collected money and bought one big and nice gift that the birthday kid actually needed. I think its not healthy for a 5 year old (or the environment)  to get a mountain of gifts, it overwhelming. Of course its a bit of a organization to do for the parents, but maybe something to start with even here?

Now we have a serious clean out and donation of old toys to give space for the new ones;) I found this pic at Pintrest and I just loved it, would be the prefect storage space for Milo´s room!!

Now the question is, where can I find these storage boxes?????  


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