Hej hej!


 After 5 days of silence…. i´m back and still alive;)

A short catch up… We moved all our things (and that is a lot of things) to "the house that never gets ready", last Tuesday and since then we have been sleeping at a Hotel in the city. Yesterday the hotel was full so me and Damiano were up all night to make all the bedrooms live able!

The boys sleep loft is now in order, I think I will sleep up here with them since their is no heater in our room!

Cleo got her first "real bed", Milo´s old one from IKEA got some dark green color and is now like new! Just hope she will sleep in it;)

 This afternoon I'm going to get the kids at my sisters,

I miss them now after a hole week at grandmothers and their cousins!

Thank god for all the help we got these days!

First advent, first night in the house and first snow… It´s a little bit magic! 

Will be back tomorrow to show you whats been done then, have a nice and relaxing first advent!



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