WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the break but now we are back relaxed suntanned and happier than ever!!! Went to Greece for 10 days just to wind down, take sun, play on the beach and eat good food!We did the thing me and my husband always said we will never do,,,,, the ALL INCLUSIVE!!! But it was soooooo, great and the kids had a blast in the kids club, under meaning we could relax, read and just take it very very easy….

We stayed at the Greek hotel in Kos and I can really recommend it if you have small kids! Here comes a taste of our little vacation through my phone…..



Some yoga on the emty beach at 5 o´clock in the sun rise is hard to beat….

When we left it was raining and cold but now the Swedish summer seems to be back!

Have a nice and sunny Sunday.


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