This was one of my new year resolutions, and this is it!!!!! Life is to short to walk around not being 100% happy!

But it´s not always so easy to understand what really makes you feel that beautiful happy bubbly feeling in the chest and how you do to hold on to that feeling. The kids for sure makes my life happy every moment I share with them and being close to the nature is lovely, but sometimes it feels like something is missing.. Me and my sister had a very nice talk yesterday about life in general and finding happiness, I´m trying to think back to my childhood what really made me happy back then and it has always had something to do with adventures!

So I booked a flight to Marrakech where me and my husband are meeting up with some friends for 4 nights of romance and north african magic!

 I want to really take care of myself, sweat a lot in the hamam, drink sweet mint-the, look at the stars, buy some beautiful things I don´t really need, eat spicy food, drink red wine and get out on some adventures in the dessert!!!!   

So please if some of you have any suggestions about where to go and what to do in and 

around Marrakech, please share… I would make me really happy;)





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