Me and Martha


This thing of having apple trees is a never ending story….

Picked up the last (I hope) apples yesterday and after making juice and pie I thought I might try to make some applesauce! 

Who would have thought a couple of years ago that I would pick my own apples from my own tree and cook my own applesauce!!!!!! Life is full surprises;)

It felt like something Martha Stewart would have done a rainy Sunday in October….

Apple and Ginger sauce

2 kg Apple

2 dl water

two tablespoons fresh ginger

1 dl birch sugar

Peel all the apples and take away the seeds

cut into small pieces

boil at low heat for about 30 min.

Pour into glass jars! 


 The glass jars I have been collecting for over a year, knew they would come handy one day….

Then I used the left over fabric to make it even sweeter!!! 

I think Martha would have done the same;)



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