Medveten mini


Ooooooh, lucky birdie…..

A whole bag full of soft pastels from our absolute favorite webshop!!


This thing of buying clothes for the kids is so much fun, but the more you read and inform yourself about how the clothes and fabrics are produced make the whole thing a bit tricky.

I want clothes in nice fabrics, I want the cotton to be organic, I want it produced in a decent way preferable in Europe, good quality, environmental friendly but I still want fun and cool clothes!!!!

Is it possible, without spending hours and hours online surfing around?? Yes, I found the answer…. Medveten minia great organic concept store that makes shopping kids clothes a bit easier;)

Check it out and you will get a 15% discount on all items in the shop, just give the cod:: mmll

lasts until the 30/11-13


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