Moment of relax


After a long a cold morningwalk in the rain, I run up a nice and warm bath with lots of good oil in. My new favorit oil is Karmameju hope Ylang Ylang and It was premier for my Hamam towels I got at the Bazaar in Istanbul.

One of the peaks of our Istanbul trip was my and Mia´s visit at the Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hamami. The beauty of total abandon, getting washed, scrubbed and massaged like a little baby. I just love the feeling of receiving not having to give anything back, sound terrible maybe?! Since I became a mother this feeling is coming back more and more often, the urge of being taken care of, just like a little baby;)

I brought back a Turkish washing bowl, some oliveoil-soap, beautiful towels and pumice-stone from the Grand Bazaar…. I'm trying to create my own Swedish hamam;)

We had planned a pick nick at the beach today but outside the rain is poring down, good excuse to stay in and enjoy our first day of summer vacation;)


Decided to stay here in this very moment and just relax now, have a lovely day everyone!!!!


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