Monday inspo




We survived the storm Sven and it even swept away the last leaves in the garden, thank you! 

This weekend we got some snow to play in, had a cousin sleeping over, we baked gingerbread cookies and had friends over for dinner, the perfect weekend I would say!

I´m listening to Samantha Crain and drinking strong Chaga with ginger, my cold doesn't´t want to leave me alone…  Was thinking to bring home a Christmas tree, Milo want exactly one like last year, I have put some lights in our big ficus tree, thought it would be enough since we wont be home for Christmas.

This year we are leaving cold Sweden to celebrate in sarong with sand between our toes, and instead of the herring and porridge, we will be eating a spicy nasigoreng, can´t wait!! So now the last two weeks we will overdose on Swedish Xmas songs, gingerbread and glögg!!


Pics, via my Pintrest




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