My bedroom at 4 pm


 All the old linen I bought in Puglia this summer is now having it´s premier!! The embroiders, initials and old handmade buttons. I just love the antic Italian handcraft…. all the time and patience they use to put in to their work, it´s truly amazing!

The sun finds it´s way in to the bedroom, it´s 4 pm and was thinking of putting a painting on the wall but what can be more beautiful than the suns rays through the windows?    

The golden mirror we bought from the old owners of the house has found its new place in our bedroom.

I had a look at my old silk Alberta Feretti wedding dress and It´s just to beautiful to be kept in a box! I want to see it every day and keep the memory of one of my happiest days in my life alive!

I'm so glad that I convinced my husband to keep the old floor just the way we found it under the plastic carpet.

That´s me… hopeless romantic;) 


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