Noma day!


After nine months of flirting, my wonderful husband finally got us a table at the best restaurant in the world, Noma!

A brilliant and fun experience, must say it was quite nice feeling sitting there in Copenhagen knowing that it just cant get better than this! And it´s not just about the food, its a fun way the dine, and very interactive.

My sister with husband, Damiano and me… 4 food nerds in heaven during our 5 hours lunch, talking, tasting and guessing ingredients! Each dish is so delicately put together with care and with such an eye for detail that you almost feel bad to destroy the little piece of art on your plate by eating it!!

All the ingredients were super fresh, unique to Scandinavia and I probably had 20 new things that I never ate in my life before, like crickets, ants and moss!!!!

I just loved everything about this place, their honest food philosophy, creativity and passion is reflected in every mouthful.

The best part was the starters and here they come….

Malt flatbread and juniper

Moss and cep

crispy pork skin and black currant 

Blue mussel and celery

cheese cookie, rocket and stems

Potato and duck liver

Shrimp (alive;) and butter

Dried carrot and sorrel

Pickled and smoked quails egg

Radish, soil and grass 

Sorrel leaf and cricket paste

Leek and cod roe


And from here we moved on to the main course….

The behind-the-scenes tour topped off the lunch, wow!

First time but for sure not the last….. 

Pics by Malin Persson

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