Raw Christmas dinner!


Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, to bad that you eat so much unhealthy and heavy food though… Swedish Julbord might look nice and the idea is good but I guess we all have felt salt and fat poisoned after to much herring, sausages and meatballs. As a vegetarian on these meaty feasts I feel quite discussed to be honest… The dead pig head with a apple in it´s mouth doesn't´t look that appealing to me!

But who said that Christmas dinners have to be like that?

Two days ago I went for a 7 courses dinner to my sister at Rawfood House, that is REAL party food!! One course was better than the other and it was all vegan, without diary products, wheat and sugar. If I would have eaten that much "normal" food probably someone would have to carry me home with a bloated stomach. But after this meal it felt like I could run a marathon! 

Raw is fantastic but now in the winter I just cant live without nice warm soups. This one I made yesterday and It´s a winner….

Sun Shine Soup

I onion

4 big carrots

2 big potatoes

2 cm ginger

3 dl red lentils

1l water

1 can of Coconut milk

Boil all together for 10 min than mix it smooth and add

a squeeze and some grated peel of and orange.

Top with some rosted sesam and sunflower seeds.

 Perfect to soothe you stomach with after all fat and heavy Christmas food;)


Have a nice Friday now


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