Red hair and plants


Came back from a shooting in Stockholm where I looked like this…  We shot some pictures for Mikas Koivisto/Karlsson in this RED wig! Red isn't´t my best color but I felt a bit tempted to try something new, what do you think?!  

One day is enough of hairspray, gel and posing, I need some dirt under my nails. Took a tour to the plant school around the corner of my house just to get some inspiration and of course I found a lot of that…. Got some new herbs and plants for my garden, some vases and the cutest little mini roses….

Then we had strawberries and icecream under the apple tree…… I don´t think it get much better then this!

My new little center-piece of blooming thyme, rosmarine and salvia, hallelujah!! 


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