Some bit and pieces


Was thinking to share some details from my garden, well garden and garden now its most mud and cement all over but eventually there will be one!

I'm putting the common grey "byasten" but instead of laying them in the classical way side by side I´m having them put in fish-bone parkette style.

The rusty roof-window is now changed to some new ones but the old beauty got a new life in my future bicycle shed. You have to imagine the wall with white Schwartzvald roses and alot of Aristolochia macrophylla (pipranka)…. Next summer!!

The gate is waiting to get fixed and hanged up…

And the ölandsten floor is coming on….

The 4 cement balls that I found in the garden are now on place around our new sundeck! I hope it will be a long and warm autumn so I will make it in time to plant my bushes, flowers and trees.

For now the only contact with green and flowers I have is when I'm googeling the Latin flower names… Anyhow is so much fun to see the house growing and getting ready, slowly, slowly but it´s coming!!!

Now I´m taking of my rubber boots for today a quick shower and then tonight we have a dinner so on with the high heels, love it!!


Have a lovely Friday!



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