Some favourites


Love to have the kids home and this is what it looks like when we are all in action…. Me cooking, Cleo taking a bath, Milo painting and Tiago is dancing to Gagnam style on full volume!

Lovely life;) 

We had lunch at Myteri in Malmö the other day and I really liked their fresh fish, cool interiors and friendly staff!


The kids are now all into skating, we have been hanging a lot at down at Stapelbäddsparken down in Västra hamnen, such a cool place!

Love this beauty from Vintage by Ninacan´t get enough of small girly sofas….


A couple of weeks ago in Paris I passed my favorite shop Astier de Villattegot the candle Kobé that is on every night;)

I have always liked Maria Nilsdotter jewelry, but this new bracelet Barrel Cuff for Laroche is amazing!! Thank you soo much;)


Swedish summer is the best now when everything is in bloom, it´s truly amazing….During my walks I just look around, smell, pick and dream of my future garden….

Unfortunately our old Chestnut tree has to be taken down, very sad indeed….

Thinking of transform it into chairs like this one…. this way it will still stay with us;)




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