Some more Marrakech


So are you ready for some more Marrakech????

What can I say, it just such and amazing place, the food, the shopping all the colors. I went wild with my camera wanted to catch everything that could´t fit in my two big suitcases….. 

Here comes some more north African winds, hold on!

A bag full of cushions, yes please!

Kilim on kilim, can it get to much?? Not if you ask me!!!!

My henna tattoo stayed for almost 15 days and this is what I have left of it…. a photo. 

Styled from top to toe, ready for the dessert…. where is my camel?

Imagine your living room like this… maybe a wall or two??

Bought a extra bag to bring these  beauties home and please look at the floor, me I want!!!!

Colors, colors and more colors…..

This little guy I had breakfast with every morning!

Dealing prices over some thé á la menthe.


Au revoir and thank you for this time, hope to come back really soon;)

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