Sunday sweets

Raw desserts is my new obsession, for  breakfast snack and dinner….

I experimented with some new recipes this morning…. we had a Sunday lime, pineapple and mango pannacotta breakfast!

I never really follow any recipes and exact amounts, that´s what i love about preparing rawfood, no rules!!

I will try to get it right for you….

4 persons Raw Pineapple Pannacotta.

I pineapple

2 dl soaked cashew nuts

two limes 

some honey

3 table spoons extra virgin coco oil

Throw all in the blender and mix it until its a think and smooth cream.

Pour it into fancy glasses and put it in the fridge.

Mix one mango together with some 

dates and apple juice,

pour it on top of the smooth

pineapple mix,

top with some berries and enjoy….

Buon appetito e buona Domenica!!!




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