Apples apples and apples…

We eat them and juice them…

and make apple pies of course;)

I never follow recipes I just love to invent my own ones and change the ingredients that I don´t like.. For example I never use wheat instead I mix different types of flower like buckwheat, almond, coconut ect. Instead of refined sugar I use palm sugar or agave. Instead of butter I use virgin coco-oil and instead of cow milk-vanilla sauce some oat-cream…

Grate the apples and squeeze some lemon on top of them. Mix all the oats, nuts, and flower with some cinnamon and them put the coco-oil on top all over the dry pie. Put it in the oven for 20 min. 


This weekend we used our new sundeck for the first time, what a feeling!!

Friday afternoon Plaza was here to clip some photos, It will be out in the magazine next month!

After some cleaning up in the basement I found Milo´s old tipi tent, what a surprise!

Sunday night we put up the first fire of the autumn, what a feeling…. I think I´m finally ready to let go of the summer and embrace the cold and windy autumn;)


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