Weekends we love


We were supposed to go to Rome and finish our apartment this weekend but when we realized it was storm, heavy rain and our kitchen wasn't´t even delivered we canceled the whole trip!

And suddenly we had a weekend at home without any plans, lovely!

I have been fixing in the garden, built together a little bench out of all the sjpallar that were laying around in the garden, some old cushions and carpets and volá, best spot for autumn sun!

And with the autumn comes the tea, these from clipper are my favorites of the week…

Apples, apples and more apples… We have never eaten this much apples ever!!!

Best cousin ever came over for a sleepover and brought newbaked apple and chocolate muffins….

We have them everywhere, inside outside…. How much fun you can have with chestnuts…

And of course we started off our weekend with celebrating our beloved cinnamonbun and maybe we will finish it off the same way;)


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