Or maybe too many, if thats the problem??

Sorry if I haven’t been posting on the blog for a few days but its been a lot of things going on i my life… This Friday I took the kids early from school, went to pick up my sister at Rawfood House and then off to the countryside. We all really needed a break and there is nothing better than to hang around with my sister and her kids at their place! We had such a nice time with good food, a lot of talking and playing Monopoli with the 6 giggly kids!!

Me and the kids fell in love with my sisters Green Star, not only it does the nicest  juices, we even made ice-cream in it!! The easiest way to make a super jummie and  diary free  ice-cream is to cut three bananas into pieces, put them into the freezer over the night, then throw them in the Green Star and out comes the most delicious and healthy ice-cream you can imagine. Top with nuts and fresh berries, mmmmm.

Weekends we love!

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