Byggdepån & Ladurée


This cold and grey Tuesday morning I went down to the harbour of Malmö, I just love it down there, like another world. IMG_1335_Snapseed

So many abandoned fabrics and wearhouses, great locations for studios, restaurants and showrooms, I´m sure there will pop up some spaces very soon..

I got a tips from my builder friend about some pieces of marble at Byggdepån and they were exactly what I was looking for!!! Love when it´s beautiful, environmental friendly and cheap! If you are doing renovation this place is worth a visit!IMG_1331_Snapseed IMG_1338_Snapseed

Found some nice things for my future vegetable plantation, more about that another day…IMG_1350_Snapseed

Now sending away some last emails and then I have to make a little film of my self to send away to a client in Paris, wish me luck;)

IMG_1354_SnapseedTalking about Paris, this little treasure my husband brought me last night when he came home from his trip, sweet but oh so dangerous…

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