Cold feet and sesame oil..

Today I had my Grandmother on a visit and what´s nicer than to sit in a warm sauna, looking at the icy landscape and talk about old memories? 

Maybe a swim in 0 degrees water, or a naked snow fight? Wow, did I feel alive after my skinny dip in the big grey ocean! It was me and some elegant swans looking at me screaming in the cold water! 

Since I started with my new beauty routine I have never had such a nice and soft skin before.

Here it comes…

Cold pressed sesame oli, no parabens, no perfume, noting artificial, just rich, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants! It is the first thing i put in my mouth when I wake up for my oil pulling. Before the shower I massage my self with the oil, under the warm water the pores opens and all the nice oil gets absorbed into the skin! Let´s don't talk about how the skin and hair feels after a sauna session with the oli on, lovely!

My sister is now in a Ayurvedic ashram in India and I can just imagine all the lovely treatments she is getting there. Going to Kallis was the best thing I could come up with in cold but pretty beautiful white Malmö today!

Hope you have a nice Tuesday out there!

xx Malin

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