Conscious conspiracy

IMG_3670_SnapseedYesterday I just did it…. I organised our home office. This is our house´s original storege for the kitchen. I kept the old cupboards, painted and freshende them up and simply put over a long desk, now it´s my husband´s and my creative space.


I like to have my study organised and tidy but with a lot of inspiration and things I love around me. So I made my little mood board with favourite pictures and future plans on the main wall. Very happy to finally get up “Thank god it´s Monday” a gift from nicest  Krickelin by Lisa Burenius.


It´s makes such a big difference on how you plan and decorate you office to get that right work atmosphere, something that me and Mia has started to even for others! Conscious Conspiracy, we come and help you with you home, office, kitchen, wardrobe, you name it! You need some inspiration, in an on going renovation? Or are you still in the stage of planning? We can help you with everything!

We help you to create a modern, structured and fun place to live and love in;)




Today I´m off to have a look at an office in Gamla västern here in Malmö, a 19 century apartment turning in to a creative advertising agency, I´m sure it will be a fun project!

All for now, enjoy the spring weather out there!!



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