36 days left!!


It´s 36 days left, to get into our new house!! Last week I feelt possitiv and thougth that we actually will be able to get the house (I won´t say ready because it will proabably never be) liveable!

Today I just wanted to cry when I arrived and the whole front of the house was digged upp because we are having the heater installed. It´s was about time now to get some heat in the old house. Now the pumps are on their places but it´s just missing one important thing…. electricity!!


We are still waiting for our last windows, the old ones we teared down today so our master bedroom is nice and very airy;)

I´m praying that it wont rain to hard tonight!!!

Damiano gives the last touch to the led-windows and tomorrow we continue to sand the cement kitchen floor!!

Will we make it in time???


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