Crappy hotels and watery Sangria?

Here we are, Puerto Santiago the south part of Tenerife. When you here Tenerife most people think low budget all-inclusive crappy hotels, watery Sangria and drunk middleage Englishmen, and it´s all true, but we have fund a nice little spot where you still can feel some of that old Canarian flavour. Where the Canarians still sits in front of there small houses sharing gossips with their neighbours and bragging about who cached the biggest fish. The small porto with it´s wooden boats and suntanned fishermen. We come here to wind down, stay together, play Uno (ten times a day) eat a lot of grilled fish with papas and mojo and take long walks along the sea. Very, very simple. The kids loves to come back here year after year, and it is nice to be back and slip in to your old favourite dresses and shoes, and not care at all how you look, feel free to walk around in nightgown all day long!! We don´t have wifi, tried to have it installed now for three days, mañana, mañana….

We´ll see tomorrow!

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