Friday afternoon

Everybody is asking me how I feel and how it is to be back in Sweden after all these years abroad. Now when the spring finally has arrived up here and everything is bursting and in full bloom I can say that i feel very privileged to live on the sunny side of Malmö! I love Rome with all my heart but Sweden for kids is just fantastic, the freedom, clean air and nice and healthy values. Everything is working, people are punctual and no traffic jam in the mornings! Offcorse there are many many things from Rome that I miss and sometimes I can feel the Swedish squareness coming crawling closer.. Good thing is I still have four crazy italians at home!

Aren´t these little playhouses in Pildamsparken adorable?

I love friday afternoons, no stress with homework and early bedtimes so today we walked across the park on our way home and it was such a joy to see all the trees and bushes in bloom, really amazing. I can’t recall ever having these kind of spring feelings, maybe it the age;)

I´m planning something fun for the kids in the new garden, the boys had the nicest treehouse up in a palm in Rome. Found these cricket adorable playhouses from Bushus, I think the kids would love one of these!!

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