Im back!

Happy new year!!!!!

A bit late but still…. We are back with new energy, sun-tanned and loaded with vitamin D. I think we will survive the last Swedish winter months this year too;)

I just want to share some of my favorite pictures from Thailand, I hope I can spread some sun and warm from me to you!!!  

Hold on, here comes part one…..

 New year and new resolutions…. This year all my focus will be on my family and my closest relations. I'm going to take care of my husband a bit more and especially start to take care of myself better. If last year was focus on fiscal health this year is time to focus on the mind!

I´m going to try to listen more to what I REALLY want and every morning is going to start with a 10 minuets of reflection.

Then I hope that I will get some more contact with you that are reading my blog! It would be very nice if you want to leave a little comment and say hello, just so I know you are here with me still;)




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