Im going Camping!

Some of my happiest childhood memories goes back to when my sister and I used to go  camping with my grandparents. They had a small caravan that we went around Sweden with in the summers, in sun and rain (most of the time in rain). I can still remember the smell of the camping stove and my grandfathers strong “Old Spice” cologne, my grandmothers warm and soft arms around me trying to warm me up after swimming in some ice-cold lake, the sound from the rain on the roof laying in our little uncomfortable beds trying to sleep and the thick lumpy oatmeal for breakfast, sweet sweet memories…

Highest on my “want it list” right now is a boho Caravan just like this one, what a dream to have one of these in you backyard!!!

Found this lovely book,

Les Roulottes une invitation au voyage, by Jeanne Bayol

Two years ago I convinced my not so keen to go camping husband to join us at a Yoga festival, it was nothing like these photos…. rain, mud, mosquitos and the only space left for our camper was right next to a train railway…. We stayed two nights that was it!!!

But I won’t give up my romantic camping dreams, maybe we go to South of France and rent a nice Boho Roulotte for the Gypsy Festival in Camargue, it´s bigger chances for sun!

All pics via Pintrest

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