In beauty think smart!

Nobody can have missed that I’m all in for organic and recycling! I started to go eco and green about 10 years ago and my friends in the modeling business thought i was crazy…parabens, sulfates and mineral-oils whats that??!!

I´m really happy that it has happened so much in these years, there are a whole lot of old brands that hooked up on this trend and so many newcomers!

And then there is this ting about the packaging, layers and layers of plastifiede boxes and contaiers, to add that luxurious feeling.. when it´s what´s inside the product that really matters??!

Yesterday I realised that my beautybackup support from Rome was finished so now I’m trying some new products that you can get here and I was quite surprised of all the brands to choose among!

My all time favourite is Weleda, and i would never even dream of using any other products for the kids. Trying out this Swedish brand Estelle and thild and I´m really liking their stuff! Another brand I can’t live without is Dr. Hauschka, I love their Lavender Sandalwood body Moisturizer and the Rose day cream. Then we have Asop with their gorgeous shops in London and Paris and Ren is another fabulous brand

8 years ago when i had a lot of trouble finding right products for myself I have had the idea of making my own beautyline with eco friendly and clean products. So now when I saw my college Emma Wiklund coming out with her line Emma S  I had to try this one to!!

Yesterday night i tried her Enzym peel to give you that “extra glow” and man was i Glowing…. Red like a tomato for 30 minuets, help! This morning my husband stared at me saying that I looked extra relaxed and glowing today!

I can warmly recommend it….. Thanks Emma;)

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