Starting the day with a green juice, the best present you can give to yourself in the morning if you ask me. I´m so happy to see that so many have started to juice. I have been a juice junkie for years (I have a lot to thank my sister for that). On my kitchen counter the juicer and vitamixer is always out, that way you don´t have any excuse for not using them. Going to the market is like a hunt to me, finding the longest broccoli stems, organic green kale and non waxed lemons.

My kitchen is always full on fruit and vegetables, that´s how I want it anyway…

I'm trying not to use too much fruit, but more dark green veggies in the juice and now instead of serving the kids water for dinner I give them juice instead. It woks good and they really enjoy it! 

Now enough about juice, packing the last things in my big suitcase. I'm going to Rome for a couple of days to finish our Rome apartment. My bag is full of cushions, blankets, vases and other things to make it homey and cozy! 

See you in Rome my friends;)



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