Lost in Skåneland!

Driving and driving… everything looks the same, raps fields, red wooden houses and some cows…. Me and Damiano were lost this afternoon on the roads in Skåne!!  We were on our way to Slogstorp, a place so small that it didn´t even exist on the GPS!

But then after an hours drive we finally arrived to the mecca for renovators like ourselves….

Qvesarum byggnadsvård!

Found this cast iron tub for the kids bathroom, it will be painted black. Got a really good deal;)

So many beautiful doors…

And finally I found our bathtub!!!

Isn´t this AGA stove beautiful! I haven´t really understood how it works though, it´s always on.. anyone that has one that could recommend it?

Tiles, tiles, tiles…. I´m even dreaming about them!!!

What a old beauty….

 About what is beautiful…

Our garden is now full of yellow dandelions… they are everywhere so I told my husband that we have to try to get rid of these wild flowers invading our garden. He could´t understand what kind of weed i was talking about so when I pulled up some of them, he and the kids were screaming to stop, don’t touch the beautiful flowers!!

And its true, who decided that dandelions can’t fit in the garden?

Milo is now helping to spread those seeds!!!!

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