New York in 4 days…


After a long break I´m back, I have missed this city so much! It was not difficult at all waking up, after a long day of celebrating my husband, with this view! We were so lucky to get to stay in Damiano´s cousin´s lovely flat upper east side. We have had the most amazing 4 days in this vibrant and eclectic place. There is an incredibly diverse range of things to see and do- museums, restaurants, cracy taxi rides, Broadway shows, shopping, flee markets, drinks, BIG breakfasts and much more!

I will share some of the highlights…



With a small hangover from last nights party we had a classic American style breakfast with extra everything on this super cozy open 24 hours bistro called French Roast. Check out the tinplates in the roof, I was looking for these when we renovated our kitchen but its quite impossible to find in europe, in New York you find them all over…Another great breakfast place is Clinton bakery, they have the best blueberry pancakes in town!

IMG_1647_SnapseedMore romantic than this one is hard to get…  A stroll in cold but beautiful Central Park hand in hand with the one you love! Stopped by the Boat house to warm up with a Hot Chocolate.


IMG_1541_SnapseedThey say that more than 70% of all tourists that visits to New York comes mainly to do shopping, and I belong to that group…..

IMG_1576_Snapseed IMG_1669_SnapseedShopping and art it´s a must in New York! We visited The Guggenheim

IMG_1728_SnapseedThe Metropolitan and the Frick Collection


We both love art……

IMG_1638_SnapseedThe thing I like most to do a Sunday morning in New York is to visit the flee markets, we went to the Green flea and the Garage Antiques in Chelsea.
In Brooklyn on Saturdays there is Fort green and Williamsburg Flea to check out, we didn’t make it this time.


For a Rawfood lover like my self it is always fun to try new places, I had a cake and a Chaismoothie at Rocking Raw, it was ok but nothing like the things my sister makes at Raw Food House…. Another nice Raw place is Ginger Snap Organic in East village.  Want more Raw tips, cheek out here! 


My absolut favourite restaurant was The Freemans

IMG_1779_SnapseedNice crowd, good food and amazing atmosphere, if I would open another restaurant this place would be the inspiration. I will post some more pick from The Freeman’s another day because it deserves its own post!IMG_1869

IMG_1523_SnapseedEven if it is nice to travel without kids we were talking about them ALL the time!

“This comics shop Tiago would have loved, imagine Cleo at FAO Schwarz with all the princess dresses and Milo singing along at the Mamma mia show.” Staying together with the kids it all gets new again because they help you to see things from a different view. So we decided, next year we all go!!

All for today


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