Old bitch!

 When we bought our house last summer we could´t understand why nobody else were interested in getting it… now I understand why, a never ending project!!

*Roof leaking
*Needs some new windows and doors
*All pipes are rusty and needs to be changed
*Drainage around the house and basement
*New electricity
*New plumbing and water
*Take out the old gigantic oil tank
*Drill for new heating system
* Level up the upper floor (14cm difference from one corner to the other)
*Fix the outside frontage on the whole house
*New bathrooms and kitchen ext, ext ext……
I stop here because it´s a never ending list!!

The thought is that my old lady shall come back to her old glory and beauty so all the works have to be done slow and with lots of love and care.

My father is helping us to coordinate the renovation and now after three months of heavy full time job he gave my old lady a new nick name….. “the old bitch”

The house was built 1909 and from the outside and on the surface its so elegant and posh but under that surface!!!!!! They used all the rubbish they could find, stone and sand as excellent isolation;) 

Now “the old bitch” is two tons lighter and hopfully better isolated.

The upper floor is one big lovely space, if i could keep it this way..

The sleeping loft for the kids is now isolated and ready to put back those old boards.

Our new lovely garden toilet;)

Friday afternoon, what are we going to do this weekend hmmmm let me think…

Fix that old bitch up!

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