With passion


Last night we all went to Täppan.

The best thing in the world is to come home to my sister, she lives in the most cosy little 18th century house in the countryside. Every time I come, no matter what time it is I find her in in the kitchen.


Cooking, baking, soaking, sprouting, drying, juicing, mixing, kneading…. I don´t know anybody like her, she have this big passion for food and health. She is an amazing cook, my best friend and my biggest source of inspiration…


For her to throw together a three day rising sourdough bread, is nothing…. And it always comes out perfect, fluffy and crispy.


No wine in the world beats her homemade Kombucha.


The little mirror she got at Lions last week, she is even an expert at flea markets….


Raw truffles for desserts any one??

Let´s see if I got this one right…

Soaked cashew nuts

Agave sirup

Coconut butter

a pinch of salt

Some vanilla

and raw strong cacao of corse!

All in the mixer and then roll them in some chopped hazelnuts, mmmmm!!


Lucky me to have such and amazing sister!!

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