The most beautiful city in the world, yes it is, at least for me….

I went down to Rome last Friday to surprise my husband, we had organised a surprise party for his 50 year birthday. I catched a plane with some friends from Copenhagen and fixed babysitter for the kids without Damiano knowing anything!! Such a stress with all lying and pretending like nothing was going on!! But oh, it was so worth it when I saw his face….



At Salotto42 we gathered old and new friends to party until sun rise, so much fun we had…. Thank God you don’t have these parties to often, I´m not used to this life any longer.



And the sun did rise…. most of all I wanted to stay in bed but with blue skies and spring in the air we just had to take a tour around the city.

IMG_2024_SnapseedWith my new Leo cavallinos without socks we went to meet up with our friends at one of our favourite lunch places in Trastevere…

IMG_2040_SnapseedDa Augusto a Piazza di Renzi, more Romano that this you won’t find. The time has been standing still here, nothing has changes and I just love that!



I had my “Pollo alla romana” and “Puntarelle”, tasted like heaven.


Our friends stayed at Hotel de Russie , I have never stayed there but I love to go for a afternoon tea in there garden, so romantic!IMG_2079_SnapseedAnd some more pasta!!!!!!

I realise its all about the food when we are in Rome now days. This is probably what we miss the most now when we are living in Sweden, all the great restaurants. Another simple family owned place is Sabatino, and my old time favourite is the spaghetti alle vongole. IMG_2050_Snapseed Walking around in our old neighbourhood and it felt like we never ever left..


IMG_2067And its a good feeling… Rome will always be here for us, thank you for this time!



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