Some light!


The house is quiet, I´m working on a new header for the blog. The snow is falling outside and I say finally we have got some real winter here in Skåne too. Fun for the kids and love all the light it brings.

Our garden view has been quite sad this autumn and winter, brown earth with some yellow electric pipes popping up hear and there. Last autumn we didn't´t make it in time to put the grass and plant all the bushes and flowers we had planned to..  So, welcome snow to buried all the things we “should have done”….

I have got two new friend in my window… The big head I got here and little brother comes from iems.

Yesterday I got some new magazines in Copenhagen, me and Mia was over to check out some trends at the fashion fair. A lot of great kids shoes, a big favorite is the Danish brand Angulusthey even have nice shoes for adults. I know where to get the family new spring shoes! 

For autumn winter 2014 I still se allot of the boxy shapes, different materials mixed together, silk, wool and leather. The dominant color is still black but with a input of bight colors like orange, red and blue. We even made it to see Bruuns Bazaare show which was nice and stylish. A lot of brushed mohair knits mixed with feather-light lingerie. Nice colors in dark tones with splashes of bright blue and olive green.  

We finished of at Pastis with moules and red wine=a perfect day;) 

Now, I have to get that header ready!!!

Have a nice day in the snow



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