Surprise me!

A rainy afternoon with kids homework, bath and early dinner, now the little birds are sleeping. To see them all cuddled up in their little beds is magic and sometimes I really have to pinch my arm… I am a mother to three beautiful, healthy children!!!

Three amazing pregnancies, three incredible births of three different individuals,  I am a very lucky woman! Being a mother is probably the most important and most difficult thing you do in your life and I feel grateful doing it.

Mothers-day on Sunday and it brings memories from how we used to celebrate my mother, with breakfast in bed, home made gifts and flowers form the garden.

Right now i´m longing for a nice spring picnic so if the kids and dad want´s to surprise me with something special that is what they should keep in mind for Sunday!!

I´m starting doing the sun dance now so let´s keep our fingers crossed for blue skyes and nice and warm on Sunday!! All sources for the dreamy pics you find here!

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