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Stenskivan är på plats!

    En matt marmorskiva i Verde Guatemala är äntligen på plats i mitt lilla kök. Jag har länge varit på jakt efter en begagnad, luskammat södra Skånes återbyggsdepåer och letat flitigt på blocket men tyvärr inte hittat någon. Tillslut beställde jag den långa gröna skönheten från Stenskivor.se och det var så smidigt och enkelt! […]



Det bästa jag vet med att renovera är att man tvingas sätta sig in i och lära sig nya saker. Att man kommer i kontakt med olika yrkesgrupper det är också väldigt spännande tycker jag! Jag är nu i full gång med min källaren och härom veckan var det dags att titta till de fönster […]

Sedum roof


  So yesterday my living sedum roof finally arrived!! We are building a new garage and I knew from the beginning that it has to have a green top! I think its such a beautiful addition to a otherwise boring garage roof. Now the blooming succulents is visible from our living room. We ordered our […]

That bathroom


  The first thing i was thinking when I bought the house here in Sweden was that I did NOT want a "normal" classic Swedish style bathroom! I just love to add a bit of drama and luxury to it;) The bath mixer is almost done, haven't used it yet but I´m already loving it!! […]



  Wow, what a year it has been for us!! 2012 has been the year of change, leaving Rome, our jobs, friends and life behind for something newer and a lot colder;)  Changed late Roman nights and drinks at Salotto42 for fresh Swedish air, family time and a lot of RENOVATION!!! I tend to think […]

My tiny tiny Toilette


  The smallest guest toilette is now ready…. tiny but super chic with hexagon Victorian tiles, high level WC and corner zinc from Burlington.   The woodpannel is painted with Nordsjös Royal Stone. On the posh seat 1513 you are only allowed to do pipí! The old toilette paper holder I found at Porta portese. […]

We have a kitchen!


  So today finally, the 4th of December we even have a kitchen in the house!!! Yesterday Damiano got up our big Napoleon III library, this was the only piece that I was sure of putting in the kitchen so everything was build after this old beast;) After a lot of paper and boxes, we […]

Liquid filler


  I know this is the time when you should hang up lamps fixing the details…. Its 6 days left for moving in and we are still not done with the floor!! Last surface of the liquid filler and soon the kitchen furnitures are welcome to move in;) I love that you become such an expert […]



  We had a very good and productive day and I just love Mondays when it feels like this, maybe because of the sun shining!  After my little breakdown Friday, I´m back on track and nothing can stop me;)  Today I choose to see all the small details, all the beauty that made me fall […]

12 days left


  The weeks just swishes by and now it 12 days left for the BIG day, project move in!!!! Its just that nothing goes the way I want  right now (one of those weeks), things getting super delayed, the "to do lists" are getting longer and longer and of course the stomachflue and three vomiting kids […]