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Bits and pieces


  I´m probably the luckiest women on earth, to get to hangout with these four….  xxx

Puerto Santiago


          We left right in time before the storm, lucky us! Now a week at our favorite spot Puerto Santiago, fishing, swimming, playing and just enjoying life!! The internet is so and so, if it get´s too long between the blog posts you can always follow me at Instagram as permalin. Besito x 



  I´m back and I´m fully charged from my Yoga and Artful living Retreat, ready to face the autumn!  At the charmy Casa de Laila on the hillside of Alhaurin el Grande in southern Andalucia we found our paradise! Glamping… just love that word!!!  And that is exactly what it was, a glamorous camping in […]



  WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!! Sorry for the break but now we are back relaxed suntanned and happier than ever!!! Went to Greece for 10 days just to wind down, take sun, play on the beach and eat good food!We did the thing me and my husband always said we will never do,,,,, the ALL INCLUSIVE!!! But it […]

Grand Bazaar


  There is probably nothing that inspires me more than traveling, the food, the different smells and all incredible people that you meet! We have had 4 very intense days shooting amazing pictures with police-sirens, gas and people on distance protesting and fighting for democracy in the streets of Istanbul. At the same time we […]

A great ride


  The day started with a lovely breakfast under a clear blue sky and followed with lots of baths and a bit of to much sun! Grilled fish, papas arugado and mojo for dinner and we ended up our first day at the piazza with some (a lot of) rides;)    It sure was a great […]

Some more Marrakech


  So are you ready for some more Marrakech???? What can I say, it just such and amazing place, the food, the shopping all the colors. I went wild with my camera wanted to catch everything that could´t fit in my two big suitcases…..  Here comes some more north African winds, hold on! A bag […]

Hello from Verbier!


  Took the kids from cold Sweden to even colder but sunnier Verbier for a week!  Sorry for not posting for a while but the internet sucks and who have time for blogging with three super mini-skiers???   Cleo is warming up at 06.30 and is ready to go! Probably the smallest skies in all […]

North African winds


  Our four days in Marrakech was everything I dreamed of!!  Some adventures, good food, a lot of the ala menthe,  perfect company, relaxing hamams, crazy shopping, new impressions, cozy riads and a lot, a lot of photography!!!  Me and my new camera is starting to become good friends so hold on, here comes a […]